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Leave Rules for Employees (Code of Leave)

  • Any Employee who will complete one session will be entitled to get 12 CL (casual leave) per session.
  • Any Employee cannot get more than 4 days of CL together.
  • Leaves will be granted on advanced Submission of application.
  • No Leaves will be granted during school functions or Examination time.
  • Three (P/2) will be considered as one day absent. i.e. one day salary will be deducted.
  • It is mandatory to all the employees to join the duty on last working day before commencement of the long holidays or first day after reopening of the school otherwise all days leave will be lapsed. i.e. will be treated as L.W.P (leave without pay)
  • No Employee can leave the station without written permission of the authority/Principal.
  • No Employee can claimed leave as a matter of right. Principal/Manager decision will be final & bounding (Principal/Manager can grant or reject any application without explanation)
  • 8 Casual leave + 1 medical leave will be sanctioned (granted in one year service)
  • 8 casual +2 medical leave will be sanctioned.(Granted after 2 year of service).
  • 10 casual +4 medical leave will be sanctioned after 3 year of continuous service.